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Get Fresh-Picked Veggies Delivered Weekly!


     The online store will be open for orders by noon on Wednesdays starting May 15, 2024. Orders must be placed before 8pm on Thursdays for Friday delivery.

      Home deliveries will be made between 3:30-7pm on Fridays. There is a $5 fee for home delivery of orders under $20.

      We also offer free delivery for orders of any amount to our pick-up sites. There are currently two pick-up site options: one in the Northern Heights neighborhood of NE Rochester and the other located on the 100 block of 7th Ave SE. Residents of High Point Condominiums can also pick up their orders free of charge in the upper garage on Friday evenings. If you choose one of these pick-up sites at check out, we will email you the address and contact information for your pick-up site host by Friday morning prior to your first delivery.

     Both pick-up sites are located at homes of fellow Owl Bluff Farm customers. Orders can be collected from from these pick-up sites between 4:30-7pm on Fridays (5:30-7 for High Point residents). Orders that have not been picked up by 7 pm will be donated to the pick-up site host who can in turn use, share, or donate them as they see fit. We will provide you with contact information for your pick-up site host so you can let them know if you’re not going to make it in time. If it’s convenient for them, they may be able to make alternative arrangements with you.


Pasture-Raised Eggs & Chicken

     We've teamed up with fellow farmer friends at Gardner Family Farm again this year to offer their pasture-raised eggs and chicken as an add-on to your produce order. 

     Here's how it will work: first, order your vegetables for the week by clicking on the "ORDER VEGETABLES" button below. Select your delivery or pick-up site option and check out. Next, click on the "ORDER EGGS & CHICKEN" button, which will take you to Gardner Family Farm's online store.  Select the items you'd like to add on to your vegetable order. At checkout, select the "Owl Bluff Farm Rochester Delivery" option. We'll get your specific delivery or pick-up info from your vegetable order.


     We'd love to be able to just list their eggs and chicken on our online store, but the Minnesota Dept of Agriculture requires that sales of poultry and eggs need to come directly from the farmer. The good news is, we are still able to handle the delivery of these goods and make it as close to a one-stop shopping experience for you as we can!

 Thanks for supporting another local family farm!

Owl Bluff Farm

12314 County Road 4
Houston, MN 55943

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